Industries Served

When it comes to Permanent Mold Aluminum and Zinc Alloy castings, it is the versatility of the process which has made it one of today's first choices for manufacturers in most industries. Whether your company requires small, medium, or large runs this process can produce the right parts for your company. As well as versatility, the Permanent Mold Process is also now one of the most economical processes for the sourcing of all of your Aluminum and Zinc Alloy Casting requirements. It is for these reasons and many more, that this process lends itself to virtually every industry imaginable. These industries include:

Industries Collage

  • Industrial Equipment
  • Automotive Aftermarket
  • Lighting Manufacturers
  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Power Sports Aftermarket
  • Medical Equipment
  • Marine
  • Heavy Duty Trucks
  • Materials Handling
  • Recreational Vehicles
  • Power Transmission
  • Office Furniture
  • Electrical Transmission and Distribution
  • Defence
  • Railway
  • Process Monitoring
  • Explosion Proof
  • And many more...............